Special Projects

Our Gears are Out of This World!

Marples Gears specializes in high-precision fine-pitch gears for customers that require precise movement and positioning.  Our gear hobbing and gear shaping capabilities include 8 DP to 200 DP and metric pitches of .14 MOD to 2.75 MOD with various pressure angles.  For special pitches, we can have custom tooling made to machine almost any gear form required. 


We are capable of manufacturing gears complete, or we can cut teeth on your customer furnished blanks (CTO).  However, for best quality and cost controls, as well as managed lead times, we recommend letting us make your components from stock to final inspection under our AS9100-C process controls. Having said that, if it suites your needs better, we'd be very happy to cut gears on your supplied blanks.

We can cut gears up to AGMA Quality 13 and are able to cut spur, helical, worm and internal gears as well as serrations, splines, pulleys, and sprockets. 


Our machines are in top condition, with recent rebuilds, and are capable of holding tolerances within .0002 diameter. 


With Marples experience, we are capable of hitting pitch diameters and test radii within tenthousandths of an inch.  Marples 70+ years of Engineering Experience is also available when needed to perfect your gear and gear drive requirements. 

Don't let our name fool ya...Marples has the capacity to produce much more than just gears. We can produce your whole gear drive assemblies, as well as housings and precision face plates, shafts, etc....if you need high precision, and it can be milled, lathed, hobbed, or shaped, we can build it for you under our AS9100-C and ISO 9001:2008 certified process controls.

We have the flexibility of a job shop and the capacity of a long run manufacturer in order to suit your needs on ANY order size.